About Us

Hello Beautiful people and Welcome to La Bella Rose Boutique!  

Bella Rose Boutique actually started in 2010 after I had my darling baby girl Rylee.  I decided I wanted to make headbands for her to wear and sell to my friends.  Fast forward 13 years and I have decided to evolve my business into a Women's Clothing Boutique named La Bella Rose Boutique!!  

La Bella Rose's mission is to sell clothes to Women of ALL ages and sizes!  As a Woman over 40 I've tried everything in Fashion!  From my crazy college days expirimenting with ALL different styles, to my work career dressing more professional.  Then into my MOM era where I felt I need to start dressing more like a Mom after my 2 children were born.  AND finally into my 40's where I have embraced my curves and I love finding the latest trends, dressing stylish and feeling beautiful in my own skin.

Through all my trials and errors in Fashion, I'm here to help you find your beautiful Fashionista inner self!  La Bella Rose will offer a wide range of statement pieces to appeal to Woman of All ages and help you also feel comfortable, beautiful and confident in your skin.  

Bear with us as we are still a new business and learning all that this world has to offer!  I am always open to feedback and opinions on what you want to see in my store.  Remember...I'm here for YOU!